The Society actively supports the cathedral through the publication of in-depth studies on various aspects of the building from its foundation to the present day.

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The latest issue of the Bulletin, published in 2018.

The Society has produced a Bulletin ever since it was created in 1903, initially with the German title Strassburger Münster-Blatt. Today, the Bulletin de la Cathédrale de Strasbourg is a two-yearly publication. Content focuses on the cathedral in all its dimensions. Each issue includes an updated bibliography and information on the Society’s activities. Paid-up members receive a complimentary copy of each new issue.

Our most recent Bulletin, n° XXXIII, was published in 2018. Contents include articles on architectural features (the south transept, the north tower, curvilinear rib vaulting), two rose windows (interpretations), historical figures (canons, architects), a 17th century legacy and the Reformation (its impact on the cathedral). The Bulletin is available from our offices. Price : 35 euros.

The 32 tomes of the Bulletin are a reference for all those interested in the cathedral. A register of all the articles published during the periods 1903-1986 and 1988-2008 has now been compiled. Since 1984, specialist staff from the Strasbourg National and University Library (BNUS) have been recording the contents of our Bulletins and entering the titles of articles in their catalogue. Successive tables of articles can now be accessed using the Bibliographie alsacienne. Certain back numbers of the Bulletin are still available.

Between 1934-1939, the Society published a series of very fine plates -all related to the cathedral- to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the construction of the cathedral spire. Some of these plates are still available and are on sale from our offices.

Since 2010, the Society has been working on the publication of a new monography on the cathedral, with contributions from eminent specialists. The first tome has won several awards. The first two tomes have already been published, a third is forthcoming :
• Jean-Philippe MEYER, The Romanesque Cathedral (1015-vers 1180) (out of print – on line)
• Jean-Philippe MEYER, Brigitte KURMANN-SCHWARZ, Strasbourg Cathedral : The Choir and Transept : from Romanesque to Gothic Art (c. 1180-1240) – 36€

Publications can be obtained from our offices during opening times or ordered direct from the Society. Postage and Packaging extra. Contact details.

On-line access

In keeping with the spirit of the founders of the Society, we want to give researchers and the general public online access to the archives of our Bulletin. To this end, the collections of articles published between 1903 and 2004 were digitalised under Numistral, a partner programme in the Gallica project, the vast digital library developed by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Both Gallica and Numistral provide free online access to these collections.

We are furthering this initiative in creating a dedicated digital space on our website for accessing articles in the Bulletins dated 1986 and 2000 -no access under Numeristral-, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. Articles from these latter will be added to our pages in progressive stages.
The records are sorted by date of publication and contain the following descriptors :
• number of the series, in Roman numerals (series I : Bulletins from 1903 to 1912; series II : Bulletins from 1925 to the present day)
• number of the Bulletin, in Arabic numerals
• year of publication
• number of pages of the articles
The records are in .pdf format. Download the free Acrobat Reader software to read, download or print off. The articles have been digitized in picture format and so making searches within the texts or selecting extracts for copying is not currently possible. These functions will be available with the Numistral on-line versions.

If you own the rights to an article, image or reproduction of an illustration and object to their use, the relevant items will be excluded from our project on simple request. Contact details.